Bedtime Stories in Swahili

Tonight, I went to have dinner with the Ronos. This family truly has become like my own Kenyan family, and since their oldest daughter is going back to Nairobi tomorrow for college, they invited me over. And they slaughtered a chicken for the occasion.

When I was little, I helped with slaughtering chickens, sheep and more on my grandparents’ farm, but somehow, as an adult, I don’t like seeing my dinner run around just prior to it being served to me… Read More

On digging out sand flea egg sacks … and almost being robbed!

The day started full of promise! A great time with God. Wonderful breakfast with a good friend. And then we headed out to see our little friends down the road.

Armed with Dettol, needles, Triple Anti-bacterial ointment, soap, and a huge portion of courage, my friends and I headed out to see what we can do to help the little ones.

As I rounded the corner into their maize (corn) field, little Jepkemboi came running and through her arms around me. It melted my heart! Read More

Let’s Talk About Singleness

In the Christian church, single folks are often ignored. Since the vast majority of pastors are married, and since marriage is highly valued by the church, sermon illustrations often focus on families. The conversation around engaging singles in the life of the church and community is a significant one. Read More

Previous Work

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11140129_10153766387839307_2732693885341139628_oThanks for visiting! For several years, I maintained a blog on Blogspot. The focus of most of my posts were simply about life, especially of when I was living in Kenya. I might import those posts to this site. If you want to read posts from when I lived in Kenya, go to my former blog. For now, though, hold tight. Soon, I’ll start blogging mostly about Serious Play: Life and Work as Worship.