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Serious Play Case Study

Lize Albertyn-du Toit: Farmer and Small Business Owner

Lize with Poppie and Sophia, two of the Pêpa ladies

When you walk into Lize’s farmhouse, you immediately feel at home. Perhaps it’s the welcoming sound of footsteps on the wooden floors. Maybe it’s the rays of sunlight breaking through the little shutters in the solid wooden doors. It could be the laughter of friends busy in the kitchen, a room filled with things that say, “Life’s been lived here.” Old-school kitchenware, not for the show, but for use.

Everything and everyone—including the farmer and his wife—says, “Make yourself at home. Stay a while.” I had planned to visit for a day. I stayed a fortnight. Continue reading “Serious Play Case Study”

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Intro to Singleness

In the Christian church, single folks are often ignored. Since the vast majority of pastors are married, and since marriage is highly valued by the church, sermon illustrations often focus of families. The conversation around engaging singles in the life of the church and community is a significant one. Continue reading “Intro to Singleness”

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Previous Work

Placeholder ImageVisit this site to learn more about some of the work I had done in the past.

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11140129_10153766387839307_2732693885341139628_oThanks for visiting! For several years, I maintained a blog on Blogspot. The focus of most of my posts were simply about life, especially of when I was living in Kenya. I might import those posts to this site. If you want to read posts from when I lived in Kenya, go to my former blog. For now, though, hold tight. Soon, I’ll start blogging mostly about Serious Play: Life and Work as Worship.

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Abandon Ship!

Today was our last day of diving off Bunaken. The weather was questionable when we left, but the skipper assured us it’s changing for the better, that the weather forecast for the day was only light rain. Connie—my friend visiting from the US—decided not to go diving today due to a headache, and Marion—my colleague—thought she’d just snorkel around this area today, once the weather cleared up. Not wanting to miss out on a final dive of Bunaken Marine Park, I joined a dive party of two guys from India and their friend from Jakarta.

The hour-long trip over to the island wasn’t too bad. We dived—possibly my best dive in the 14 years I’ve been scuba diving—and then I stayed on the surface, snorkeling, as not to cut into the 24-hour no-dive period prior to a flight.  The moment the other three divers surfaced, we were told we’re heading back right away since the weather was changing… Continue reading “Abandon Ship!”

A Change in Perspective

I felt, the other day, what it’s like to fly. I ran off the edge of a mountain and soared, feeling the cold mountain wind directly on my face. After about five minutes, I landed in a tea plantation. Crash-landed, actually. But it didn’t hurt. I just laughed and laughed. Continue reading “A Change in Perspective”

Seeing with the Heart

“Here is my secret. It is very simple:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince

Rarely do I compare. I’ve seen too much in life to covet what others have/do/are. Instead, when I do compare, it is with pure gratitude in my heart for the blessing of a nice home, knowing that some of my friends around the world live in mud huts with wooden shutters, entire families crammed into small spaces. Continue reading “Seeing with the Heart”

Psalm 84

I’ve been meditating on some Psalms recently, and remembered re-writing Ps. 84 into my own words when I lived in Kenya.

God, what joy to live in your presence,
in fact, to even have You live within me.
How I long to have more of You, LORD,
to live in a way
that my life is consumed with pleasing You
and You alone. Continue reading “Psalm 84”

This Time, I Really Did Get Stuck

This afternoon, the team and I were out and about. First, we wanted to go and drop off some food with a family in the greater neighborhood. During debriefing one evening, Adriel mentioned how strange it is to know we get such good food (and so much of it) while there are neighbors all around who don’t have much. From that came the thought of fasting one meal and taking the food to neighbors. God laid two families on my heart: Continue reading “This Time, I Really Did Get Stuck”

It’s a New Year

This is true of me: I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I try and live by a motto of resolving what I want to accomplish on a particular day, a specific week, or during a particular season.

It is, however, that time of year when we reflect on the blessings of the past year, and we look with anticipation at the year ahead. And so, as you look ahead at 2013, I’d like to challenge you to seek to live in such a way this year that every component of life—every relationship, every action, and every thought—is connected to and flows from the lifeline of a relationship with God himself so that Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 13:35 would be true of us today:

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” Continue reading “It’s a New Year”

Lessons Learned from my Parents

On this day in 1963, in Hendrina, South Africa, my mom and dad pledged to love one another. Fifty years later, they’re still keeping that promise, and they’ve said many, many a time that over the years, their love for one another has just grown deeper. Here are a few things I learned from my parents: Continue reading “Lessons Learned from my Parents”

Thoughts on “Being There”

Today, my thoughts are vacillating between life and death: the joy of life and the utter sorrow of death. Especially death of an infant.

I received news that the 4-month-old nephew of a dear friend just passed away. I don’t know the mom and dad. But my heart aches for them. And it aches for my friend and her parents. How on earth does one deal with the death of an infant? Continue reading “Thoughts on “Being There””

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